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Leaving employment? Reducing hours? Group coverage ending?

There are options to COBRA!

Options that are permanent and may be less expensive than COBRA

The cost of COBRA is what you pay currently, added to what your employer is paying, plus 2%. COBRA pricing is generally very expensive and unaffordable.  Our agents may find you a better and less expensive option.

Our local, licensed agents can:

  • Run free, fast quotes for Health, Dental and Vision
  • Help determine eligibility for an Advance Premium Tax Credit that will help pay for the cost of the health plan.  If your household income is under the amount shown below on the chart, this is a good indication you may qualify.
Household Size400% FPL

(each additional person, add $18,160)

You only have a 60-day window to enroll in other coverage after your group coverage ends, so call us today and speak with an agent.  You’ll be glad you did!

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