Corporate Benefits

Let us protect your business and key personnel from tragedy


Suffering a death or disability of a key stakeholder in your business is difficult enough by itself. But then struggling to maintain operations or transfer ownership to the deceased partner’s family is an extra burden that can bankrupt your business and/or the deceased person’s family. This often results in operations being shut down or the business being sold to fund the surviving family’s income needs. When tragedy strikes, don’t let your business and everything you’ve worked for get wiped away.

Torgersen Causey’s corporate benefit plans protect your business in the event of a key person’s absence. Our funding options support deceased partner’s family members to avoid selling the business, provide wage payments during a disability, and maintain operations if a key revenue producer is lost. We’ll help you determine which plan is right for your business and handle the implementation, because you have enough to worry about. Get financial support when you need it most and protect everything you’ve been working for.

Our primary corporate benefit plans that protect your business

Buy-Sell Agreements

These predetermined arrangements provide funding to a deceased partner’s family so as to redeem the shareholder’s interest and avoid selling the business for income.

Key-Person Protection

Make sure your business has the capital to survive the loss of an owner or key employee who are relied upon for revenue generation, which is common in SMBs.

Wage Continuation Plans

Clear eligibility guidelines and reliable funding make this plan a must-have for businesses wishing to ensure that disability payments won’t put them in the red.