Group Benefits

Our benefits and savings plans take care of your employees’ health and finances while saving you money

Solving such insurance challenges is necessary and difficult. But partnering with Torgersen Causey will make it easy. You’ll get data-driven insurance solutions and support from our business-savvy insurance experts, delivered in the most cost-effective way. Our holistic approach includes employee education, self-insured medical plans, cutting-edge funding vehicles, and much more, so you get maximum ROI while protecting all your assets.


Employee Group Benefits

We offer a complete range of employee group benefits, many of which are available on a voluntary, employee-paid basis

Group Health Insurance

Help protect your employees’ health, finances, and families with our group plans that reduce everyone’s insurance costs and cover their loved ones.

Dental Insurance

Ensuring your employees can get regular, preventative dental treatment takes care of them and benefits your bottom line.

Vision Insurance

Proactively taking care of eye health and vision protects your employees, increases their satisfaction, and adds value to your business.

Life Insurance

From term life insurance to whole life, we’ll ensure loved ones are supported and cared for in the event of the death of the policy holder.

Short-Term Disability

Give your employees peace of mind and receive a federal tax deduction by replacing their income if they can’t work for up to 1 year due to a qualifying issue.

Long-Term Disability

Safeguard your employees’ livelihoods by ensuring they’ll have income if they can’t work due to illness or injury (work related or not).

Worksite/Supplemental Products

Ease financial burdens and stress by augmenting coverage with accident, critical illness, and hospitalization insurance.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Protect savings and assets by minimizing the costs of LTC, like assistance with Activities of Daily Living, which is not covered by Medicare.

Other Types of Group Plans and Services to Benefit Your Employees and Business

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) & Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)

Expert design, implementation, and maintenance ensures your staff understands how to use their benefits to get affordable healthcare and save for their future.

Section 125 Plans

Our industry pros can fully set up your employees in these tax-advantaged plans, yielding substantial savings for them as they can pay for their regular healthcare with untaxed earnings.

Payroll, HR and PEO Services

Torgersen Causey has the experience and relationships to offer products and services ranging from straight payroll to full employee leasing.