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UnitedHealth Group to Provide Over $1.5 Billion in Assistance and Premium Support to Customers

UnitedHealth Group will provide more than $1.5 billion in initial assistance, including customer premium credits, to its UnitedHealthcare customers as many people have been unable to access routine or planned care due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, UnitedHealthcare has seen a lower volume of medical care being delivered than was anticipated when pricing was initially established.

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Map your personal path to health and earn $150 toward your premium

Welcome to Better You Strides, an online wellness and rewards program that uses your needs, goals and interests to build your custom-made plan to better health.

Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your health has never been easier! With Better You Strides, our online wellness and rewards program, you can discover the fun of building healthy habits through interactive activities, videos and quizzes.

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Florida Blue Extends Period for Payment of Premiums

We’ve extended the time you have to pay your premium for individual members and groups. So even if your payment becomes past due or is already late, you’ll have additional time to make payments, at least through May 31 unable to pay premiums as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis that would otherwise have been subject to termination of coverage.

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Teladoc & Health Savings Accounts

Many of our clients have Teladoc telemedicine services embedded in their health program, while offering an HSA compatible health plan. There has been much discussion over whether the HSA plans would remain compatible if Teladoc were to pay 100%/no copay for Covid-19 services.

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Florida Blue: Covid-19 Update/Additional Benefits

Florida Blue is actively engaged in the COVID19 fight and is committed to supporting its members and their communities as this difficult situation evolves. To further support our members, the company is waiving member cost-sharing for all COVID19 treatment services – including inpatient hospital admissions – for its fully insured commercial insurance plans, including Affordable Care Act (Marketplace), individual and Employer Group coverage, and for its Medicare Advantage health plans.

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The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

On March 18, 2020, the President signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (the “Response Act” or the “Act”). The Act becomes effective on April 2, 2020 and will impact small businesses in a number of ways. This article will address four parts of the Act that employers should be aware of:

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President signs “The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201)” Act Adjusts Payroll Requirements

This article was originally written by PAYPRO.

The President signed the March 18 legislation that created a federal paid sick leave requirement for coronavirus-related needs and expanded the Family and Medical Leave Act to include a paid leave component for employees caring for children whose schools or child care facilities were closed because of the virus outbreak.

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